Don’t give up on your event: do it on remote!

Online and streaming video services

In this very difficult time that concerns us all and is out of our control, we at Armonica Film want to roll up our sleeves! Our primary goal right now is to help you solve those problems that might have come up, as a consequence of the current healthcare emergency, both in Italy and in Europe.

Many big events and conferences in our Country and all over the continent have been recently canceled. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no solutions to avoid losing all the work behind your project. If you were forced to cancel your event, our offer is to help you realise a video, either a presentation or an explainer video, that people can watch on remote.

Communication is extremely important and we have to make sure it is not interrupted. The attendees at your event will not be able to stay together phisically, but they will access all contents and information that you wanted to share with them. We will realize your videos in studio, recording the presentations on a neutral background or on green screen, according to your preferences. Once the videos are ready, we will help you share them with all people interested via one of the many online platforms available.

Otherwise, if your idea is to create an environment as similar as possible to the actual event, we can also offer a live streaming option. In this case, your speakers will be talking in real time with the attendees. Through this kind of video, people taking part in the live streaming will be able to interact with the speaker via live chat. Our team will be at your service with all the necessary video and audio equipment to realize the streaming video and we will support you over the whole production process.

Specifically, our offer includes:

  • Audio and video operators supporting you for the filming process
  • A studio with neutral background or a green screen
  • If you wish, live streaming equipment for your presentation

If you are interested and want to receive a free quote, please send an email to or fill in our form.

No panic, go live!