Filming project for promotional campaign in Portofino, Ligurian Riviera

Our Swedish colleagues at Stygn Studios entrusted Armonica Film with providing local support to realize a promotional video in Portofino. The project was a commercial campaign for Zipwake, a company realizing modern technical components to stabilize boats.

We started this project with our local producers and fixers, who took charge of asking the necessary authorizations to film. Since this shooting took place mostly on a boat, with the wonderful gulf in the background, we had to request image rights authorizations to the municipality of Portofino. Moreover, since our final client wanted to add some aerial filming, we asked for the necessary permits to film with a drone. All this process is fundamentally important, especially in such a esclusive location as Portofino, where filming without the right authorizations is absolutely impossible.

This video project was realized in collaboration with Stygn, a Swedish video agency that we supported with camera operators, focus pullers, fixers and assistant producers. If you too are looking for a camera crew to realize your promotional video in Portofino, ask for a free quote via our contact form, or send us an email at

video promozionale a portofino