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Animated Video Production

Armonica Film provides infographics and animated video production services for our clients in Italy and Europe.

We keep on working!

As a direct consequence of the current healthcare emergency, we are remote working. Our animated video production service is still up and running, and you can expect delivery in one week after taking over the project. Payment will be due within 30 days after delivery.

Send us an email to to ask for a free quote. 

Armonica Film provides animated video production services for your company or business. This kind of visual art is particularly suitable for explainer videos and tutorials, since it allows to easily catch the viewer’s attention.

An animated video is very direct and easy to understand, and it is also perfect to be shared on social media or displayed on the home page of a website. You will be able to share information with simple infographics that your clients will easily remember. Our team of professionals will take good care of your ideas, suggesting improvements to make them even better.

One of the many advantages of animation is also timing, because no filming on set is required. As a consequence, our team can guarantee fast deliveries and definite deadlines.

Our animated video production service also includes voice over and subtitles, if needed. No matter where you are in the world, you will receive the final video in no time, via one of the several online platforms available.

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