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Underwater Filming in Italy

Armonica Film is an Italian video production company with offices in Genoa, Milan and Rome. We provide underwater filming services everywhere in Italy.

Armonica Film is a video production company based in Italy. Our camera crews work closely with trained and equipped scuba divers, who perform underwater filming into the sea, rivers, lakes or swimming pools. Consider underwater footage if you want to add a new point of view to any kind of video production!

Specifically, this modern filming technique is perfect for music videos, documentaries or tourism videos. However, it is also possible to add underwater footage to more classic productions like commercial videos, corporate videos or event videos. It would surprise the competitors, for sure! Our talented camera operators can capture the right images to make any video fascinating.

No matter how deep in the water you want to go, Armonica Film can do it! We offer this service everywhere in Italy, with our offices in Milan, Rome and Genoa, but our experienced personnel will be wherever you need them to be.

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