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Location Scouting in Italy

Location Scouting in Italy

Armonica Film is a video production company with offices in Milan, Rome and Genoa. We provide location scouting services in Italy and Europe.

Armonica Film is a video production company with many years of experience in the video production field. Therefore, we know very well how important it is to find the right spots to shoot a video. That is why we provide location scouting services as well, everywhere in Italy and Europe.

Our Italian offices are located in Milan, Rome and Genoa, but we can provide facilitation services on the whole Italian territory, including Turin, Florence, Venice, Bologna, Naples. Our clients only have to tell us what kind of video project they are working on, and we will always find the most suitable filming location for it.

Armonica Film can obtain shooting permissions for crews as well, dealing with the local authorities and film commissions. Moreover, our international clients can rely on our english-speaking personnel, with directors, DOPs, producers, assistants, interpreters, drivers at their service.

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