Commercial Video Production – Villa Salina

A new commercial video for Villa Salina will soon be available! We are talking about the new food and wine center in the Cuneo area, and this video was realized in partnership with Dafne Costruzioni, a construction company based in Moretta. We already worked with them two other times and we were really happy to do it again.
The Dafne Group was the in charge for the renovation of this wonderful ‘800 villa, which was brought to life again thanks to non intrusive interventions, without eliminating any original artistic element.

During a rainy November day, Villa Salina became a set, one which was especially delightful for Armonica Film camera crew. Between takes, we were able to taste delicious courses prepared for the occasion.

The aesthetic refinement of this villa, the delicious tastes, the richness of wines and the model’s charm are all the elements combined in this new video.

We are sure you will be impressed!!!

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