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Motion Graphics and Animation in Italy

Armonica Film is a leading video production company in Italy. We can provide motion graphics and animation services for our clients worldwide.

Our team at Armonica Film includes some real animation wizards. We are able to create amazing video content for our clients, adding some magic to their corporate videos, commercials, music videos or any other kind of video they may like.

We use only the latest technologies, updating our hardware and software very often. Customers rely on Armonica Film for the best video quality available, yet always at a reasonable price. The best way to add a fresh look to a brand new video or to existing footage is to ask our animation team! They will create marvelous graphics, which will certainly catch the attention of potential clients. This could be a major help in any promotional activity conducted by a company or a business.

Among several services that we offer, our clients can also find post-production and editing. We generally provide post-production services for our own videos, but in some cases we can also provide editing for pre-exhisting footage. Our Italian offices are located in Rome, Milan and Genoa. As talented professionals working in the video industry since 2005, we can take care of every post production step.

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