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You Ask, We Make, They See.

You Ask, We Make, They See.

produzione video production company

Video Production Company in Italy

Armonica Film is an international Video Production House since 2005. Our team is diverse and includes experienced camera operators, producers, sound engineers and editors. We provide our video services anywhere in Italy and Europe. Every detail of your project, from the script to the final edit, can be handled by us.

On our video production website it is possible to watch several video examples and ask for a free quote for many different video production options.

We are open in August!

Our camera crews are unstoppable and also available during Summer. If interested, ask for a free quote via our form.

Our latests Projects

Our Clients

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Our Services

Armonica Film provides a wide range of video production services.

Corporate. Since 2005, we realize corporate videos in different working environments. Clients from all over the world ask for our camera crew to film every kind of event: meetings, conferences, congresses, fairs. We are also available for the shooting of explainer videos. Marketing and communication agencies rely on us to realize commercial videos.

Entertainment. We offer our services in the entertainment industry as well, particularly in music and fashion. Our team has a very long experience in music video production and concert filming. Moreover, we have been collaborating with journalists for several years, realizing fashion videos from runways and from the most important events in the fashion industry. We can film sporting events as well.

Communications. Our team works in any field where video communication is required. From documentaries to tourism videos and health video productions, we work without problems in any environment. Our multilingual team can translate and provide subtitles in different languages. Some of our personnel can also provide underwater and aerial filming services.

Our Offices

Armonica Film is a video production company with headquarter in Genoa. In Italy, we also have offices in Milan and Rome.

We provide video services all over Italy and Europe for international clients. Thanks to a wide net of collaborators, we can guarantee availability in all Italian regions.

Our specialized crew and many years of experience make us able to follow a video production from the very first idea to the final edit. If necessary, we can also find locations and provide permissions.

Moreover, our crew is multilingual and can handle projects with customers coming from all over the world without any problem.

For productions outside Italy, our clients can rely on our offices in Berlin (Armonica Film Germany), Paris (Armonica Film France), London (Armonica Film UK) and Madrid (Armonica Film Spain).

Since 2017, Armonica Film is also in the United Arab Emirates, providing services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (Armonica Film Dubai).

Since 2005, we have filmed hundreds of videos for our clients from all over the world. Our Video Production Company offers an excellent service, providing high quality videos.

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